Quantum Services

Specialist Flooring

There is a huge range of standard formulations and manufactures’ proprietary formulations on the market.

At Quantum Site Services we believe that we understand the nature and functionality of most if not all of them. In our opinion this is the only way to approach our clients with well thought-out options for discussion.Our aim in all cases is to optimize expenditure.

We will always try and reduce client costs but we are not afraid to point out where over-optimistic expectations in either budget cuts or specification downgrading will lead, we always make every effort to emphasise this point, particularly if some form of guarantee is required.

Floor Preparation

Correct floor preparation is of paramount importance.

“Dust-free” surface preparation of concrete floors, prior to the application of coatings or screeds is the industry standard. With modern dust extraction systems, with pulse filter cleaning, there is no need for any contamination of dust in the working environment. Quantum Site Services uses the most modern dust extraction systems available connected to our shot blasters, scabblers, and diamond grinders. The quickest and most economical concrete preparation is by fully enclosed, dust-free shot blasting. By adjusting the speed of travel, amperage and size of shot the correct profile of the concrete for most types of coatings, paints and screed can be achieved, including Planners using Tungsten Carbide Tipped flails or picks, that can give a coarser profile suitable for epoxy screeds and pumped screeds, by giving a much coarser texture and better mechanical key.

Captivated grinders can be used in their own right to smooth out irregularities or for toning down the ridges caused by scabbling. We also use this equipment to achieve tight flatness tolerances. As you can now see, a combination of all systems can be or may have to be used for any one floor. To facilitate this all three machines may have to be considered. Coupled with our own on board generators, Quantum Site Services have tackled most problems to floors.

Types of Flooring

Quantum Site Services offer a wide range of flooring solutions to problem floors, from preparation right through to finished coatings.

Our joint repairs have been proven over years of experience and now with the new Floor Bridge, we believe this will give extra longevity for industrial and commercial floor points. Quantum have some of the very best in dust free systems and work with most if not all of the material suppliers namely, Resapol, Webber, Sika, Ardex, Fosroc DCP, Mapei. Our can do attitude has allowed us to put forward a tailor made package to suite any of our clients needs.


  • Concrete Sealers
  • Surface applied Damp Proof Membranes
  • Water Dispersed Epoxy Coatings
  • High Build Epoxy Coatings
  • Polyurethane Screeds
  • Pump applied Cementitious Screeds (minimum of 3mm)
  • Sand Cement Screeds
  • Epoxy Repair Mortars
  • WaterProofing Membranes
  • Joint Sealants


  • Crack repairs
  • Joint repairs
  • Captivated shot blasting
  • Dust free grinding
  • Dust free planning
  • Flatness grinding to SR1, 2, 3 and FM1, 2, 3
  • Slab stabilisation
  • Core Drilling
  • Bolt Removal

Floor Surveys

For large scaled and/or high-specification flooring areas there is often a need for a high tolerance survey to be carried out.

Sometimes this can look like just further expense, but at Quantum Site Services we can confirm what’s needed and explain why. Service offers include:

  • Surface Regularity Testing
  • Straight Edge Specifications
  • Free Movement Specifications
  • Defined Movement Specifications
  • Carry out 3D Topological survey
  • Feroscan survey
  • Cover-meter survey (for mesh or re-bar)
  • Sub floor survey
  • Pendulum Slip Testing

Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

We carry out a non-intrusive Pendulum Slip Testing service throughout the UK.

We have the ability to carry out tests for any type of surface in any type of environment or industry. Weather you have a Warehouse, Factory, Kitchen, Toilet, Wet Room, Office Building, Swimming Pool Surround, Pavements to name but a few.

Quantum Site Services LTD has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and we can proudly show off a range of our clients.