About Quantum

At Quantum we understand the principles behind a good quality floor whether it concerns new floors, floor repairs or floor upgrades.

We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise which complement our understanding of the modern warehouse operations to provide the very best solutions that meets clients’ individual needs.

As well as floor Contracting Services, we also provide a range of premium quality survey investigations.

At Quantum we take care of:

• Concrete Grinding

• Floor Coatings

• Floor Repairs

• Floor Flatness Surveys

• Pendulum Slip Testing

• Dust Free Preparation

• Waterproofing

• Crack Injection

• Concrete Investigations

• Damp Proof Membranes

• Epoxy Coatings

• Cementitious Screeds

• Concrete Repairs

• Joint Repairs

• Car Park Decking Systems

• High Tolerance Grinding

"The floor is the most critical element of a building envelope as it affects the speed, safety and efficiency of the materials handling equipment that runs on it. Depending on the floor usage, it is essential that the correct approach is applied in terms of design, construction and maintenance to ensure the floor is fit for purpose.

This ethos is instilled in every thing we strive to provide and in its excellence in our service offerings."


Quantum Site Services

Over 25 Years in the Making

With over 25 years of experience gained working in the flooring industry Quantum was set up in 2008 as a solution provider to problem floor and then soon after partnered with a major grinding company and their highly specialised equipment to provide the best system of grinding floors ultra flat in operational warehouse aisles, with minimum disruption to on-going warehouse operation.

At the same time, this includes the use of the Digital Floor Profiler equipment, used to measure floor profiles. Subsequently, we are part of an independent accredited testing organisation and experts in the measurement and control of industrial concrete floors.

Today, Quantum Site Services and its partners has grown from strength to strength, from its humble beginning to a multinational organisation,with representation worldwide operation from their main offices in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, as well as working with partners and

agents across all continents.

Quantum and its partners is one of the leading floor contractors operating in the world and has a large share of the specialist industrial floor grinding market.

Quantum and its partners play a vital role in the industrial flooring industry working with the UK’s association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors and the latest edition of the Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 (4th edition), a guide to design and construction of concrete industrial ground floors, being instrumental in developing the flatness specifications within this standard. Quantum and its partners also work alongside most if not all of the manufacturers of material handling equipment.

Quantum Site Services LTD has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and we can proudly show off a range of our clients.